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Services for Employers

Over 3,000 employers nationwide currently collaborate with local National Learning Network centres in providing work experience, training and learning opportunities, and full and part-time employment. These relationships cover all types of employers - public and private, large and small.

As part of these close working relationships, employers

  • are consulted by National Learning Network on the design and implementation of new courses, ensuring best fit with their requirements
  • are provided with on-the-job training by National Learning Network that matches their organisation's needs thereby reducing recruitment and training costs
  • can access the expertise, advice and support of National Learning Network staff when employing students
  • benefit from providing work experience placements to many National Learning Network students across a range of skill areas.

Hundreds of employers — large and small —across Ireland have benefited from the extremely wide range of skills available from NLN courses and also the experience of offering employer based training places and /or work experience to National Learning Network students.

There are many benefits for employers of hosting National Learning Network work experience placements, including:

  • Employers gain from motivated, cost-free trainees joining their workforce and contributing to their business. All insurance costs and administration are handled by NLN.
  • Employers receive appropriate training, both for themselves and their staff, and benefit from having a more diverse workforce.
  • Employer staff morale and reputation is enhanced. Research show that supporting work experience placements raises morale in the business while the employer enhances his/her reputation as a social responsible employer.

To find out how National Learning Network can support your business, please contact your local centre and speak to the manager. We'd be delighted to hear from you!

Tracey Long, a manager with A-Wear, explains how establishing links with National Learning Network has benefitted her business.  

To find out more, why not visit our Employers' Frequently Asked Questions page or send us a message?

For a national information source on employing people with disabilities, visit This is a centrally based national resource for advice and information for employers on the employment of people with disabilities. The service is managed by a consortium of employer organisations  Chambers Ireland, IBEC and ISME and is funded through the NDA.