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Frequently Asked Questions - Students

Why should I contact the Disability Support Service?

The Disability Support Service is both student-focused and student driven. The Disability Support Officer is available to offer advice and help in accessing a range supports in college including:

  • Funding applications
  • The development of study skills and time management techniques
  • Support with project work and assignments
  • Assist to students in identifying future training/educational options and/or career paths in consultation with the career guidance counsellor
  • Advise on relevant professional services

What documentation do I need to apply for funding for supports in college?

All funding applications require backup documentation. The guidelines for documentation required can be found on under ‘Fund for Students with Disabilities’

How can the Disability Support Service help mature students?

In conjunction with other staff members, the Disability Support Service Officer can help mature students feel part of the learning environment. They can assist students in identifying past difficulties in the learning environment and help them develop and implement strategies to assist them in their learning.

How do I apply for exam accommodations?

The Disability Support Service provides information on examination accommodations available and liaises with the Examinations Officer to ensure that each student receives the support required.

Looking for help?

If you have a question that isn't answered in the above FAQ, don't hesitate to contact us.