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Frequently Asked Questions - For Colleges

Please click on the frequently asked questions below.  If your query is not dealt with here please email the Disability Support Service directly:

How can the Disability Support Service support students in my college?

The Disability Support Service can:

  • Meet with students and carry out an assessment of need
  • Submit funding applications to the Higher Education Authority (HEA)
  • Put relevant supports in place
  • Monitor the effectiveness of supports
  • Provide structured study skills sessions
  • Liaise with all college staff
  • Offer on-going support to students and staff

What is the role of the Disability Support Service Officer?

The role of the disability Support Officer is to:

  • Assist in the identification of student needs,
  • Work with individual students to secure funding for relevant educational resources.
  • Facilitate and support students in the development of a variety of learning strategies
  • Deliver a high-quality and confidential support service to students, whilst retaining a sensitive approach to their practical learning support needs and concerns
  • Create and maintain communication with course tutors and other providers to maximise the learning support for clients
  • Provide information and advice to college staff
  • Develop and deliver tailored disability awareness training packages for staff development days
  • Network with other professionals, agencies and community services
  • Deliver disability awareness training to students and offer advice to the general student population

How does the Disability Support Service offer support to college staff?

The Disability Support Service:

  • Offers advice, information and resources on disability and disability issues
  • Provide disability equality training on request either in general or specific areas
  • Works with staff to find optimal solutions for any given situation

Looking for help?

If you have a question that isn't answered in the above FAQ, don't hesitate to contact us.