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Our Services

Our Services

Quest helps individuals who have acquired brain injury to achieve greater independence and integration in their community. The programme focuses on providing supports in improving quality of life, making independent and informed choices and exploring support networks and opportunities in the community. Individuals will also be facilitated in exploring further community, training, educational, care and employment opportunities in accordance with their individual goals. The Quest model promotes the ability of clients to achieve their goals in collaboration with the Quest team. This approach ensures the service is tailored to the needs and goals of individual clients and family and addresses these holistically and in a non-prescriptive way. Rehabilitation is implemented through the combined efforts of people with ABI, their families, communities and formal services and is offered through a variety of instructional methods.


Quest services are provided in a number of different contexts.

Service delivery is done through a combination of attending a centre for individual or small group sessions and working in the clients own home/workplace/community.

The initial assessment and planning stage provides the opportunity for the client, those close to them and the Quest team to identify specific aspects of the service which may be of benefit to them.

Specialist assessments such as Neuropsychological, occupational therapy, cognitive, educational and vocational will be carried out where appropriate.

Collaboration with the client’s family & friends is encouraged. This is to ensure that skills and strategies learned are carries over to everyday life.

Our Programme Elements

Brain Injury Education and Management
Life Skills
Personal & Social Skills
Cognitive Rehabilitation (Thinking skills)
Information Technology 
Learning Supports
Speech & Language Support
Vocational & Training/Education Support
Return to Work Preparation
Family and Carer ABI information sessions