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Limerick Students Showcase Wellness Toolbox

03 April 2015
Image for Limerick Students Showcase Wellness Toolbox
My name is Kevin Basnet. I am part of the Focus rehabilitation program based in Raheen, Limerick.  I took part in the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival 2015. The project we decided to present was the ‘The Wellness Toolbox’ which is based on the WRAP concept of the same name.  We presented to two groups, one in the Limerick Insititute of Technology and one in the National Learning Network center in Raheen Limerick.  
The presentation itself involved firstly explaining the concept of the Wellness Toolbox to people as well as showing them examples of toolboxes. We decided that our presentation should be more interactive based, so we had actual physical toolboxes on display. Added to this we had toolboxes near the participants where they could select items from our display, tailor their boxes to their own needs and take them home with them.     
I felt that actuallytaking part in the presentation was an excellent opportunity for us to gel as a group in terms of executing a group project which involved lots of co-ordination and planning. Not alone that but it actually was a great way of improving the self esteem and confidence of those who took part in the festival presentation.
We also gained valuable feedback into what people thought of our presentation and what we could do in the future to maybe improve our presentation format. For me personally I enjoyed the experience emensly and took alot from it in terms of learning a new skill and increasing my own confidence to get up and speak in front of people.
I believe that having this opportunity to present is a vital part of the Focus program and really helps people to come out of their shell and truly express themselves. Long may it continue!