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Organisation Roles

National Learning Network is divided into three regions. Regional teams in each region support and monitor the courses rovided in each training location ro ensure consistency and compliance with standards and policy. The regional teams include:

  • Regional Manager
  • Programme Development Officers (PDOs)
  • Regional Psychologists

The regional teams are supported by National Learning Network's Department of Accreditation, Standards and Supports (DASS). This department provides information, training and advice to staff on certifications and quality issues.

Programme Development Officers

Programme Development Officers ensure that programmes remain relevant to students and labour market needs through thethe development of new programmes and the regular review of existing programmes. They work closely with managers and instructors to ensure that programmes are delivered to a a high quality and in line with national standards.

Regional Psychologists

Regional Psychologists engage with students in the early stages of training to establish their individual needs and to evaluate risk. They supprot students who experience crises and refer to external counselling supports where appropriate.

The Regional Psychologists provide ongoing support and training to instructors in areas such a s Managing Challenging Behaviour, Suicide Prevention and Relationships and Sexuality. Regional Psychologists work closely with Rehabilitation Officers, who support students and staff members with ongoing issues that could impact on the student's ability to participate successfully in training.