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National Learning Network is working as a partner in the EQUABENCH project. The EQUABENCH project brings together eight vocational, education and training (VET) organisations with a proven track record in innovation and continuous improvement.  Partner organisations from Italy, Slovenia, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands are following a two-year work programme to share expertise and best business practice at workshops, benchmarking activities and dissemination events. 

By establishing a network of European VET organisations EQUABENCH facilitates the import and export of best business practice in order to improve the quality of training for people who have a disability or other form of disadvantage. 

EQUABENCH has identifed and adapted the innovative quality practice of network members and has produced six Innovative Practice Guides structured around the EFQM fundamental concepts of Excellence. The Guides will be available to VET organisations across Europe. Network members will also import and apply at least one innovative aspect of best practice within their own organisations. 

EQUABENCH is supported by the European Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation programme. 

The following EQUABENCH reports are available for download:

 Innovative Practice Guide - Leadership and Constancy of Purpose

 Innovative Practice Guide - Customer Focus

 Innovative Practice Guide - Results Orientation

 Innovative Practice Guide - Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement

 Innovative Practice Guide - Management by Processes and Facts

 Innovative Practice Guide - People Development and Innovation